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Summertime — Time to Enjoy the Outdoors Downtown at The B.O.B.

July19 Thumb LiveWallLiveWall® Green Wall Enlivens the Atmosphere of the Sky Patio and Freshens up the Menu at Bobarino’s Restaurant.



Gardens In The Sky: The Rise of Green Urban Architecture

July19 Thumb StefanoBoeriWith balconies bursting with trees and shrubs, "Bosco Verticale" is giving rise to a new take on the urban jungle.



Enhancing IAQ and Energy Efficiency with Living Walls

July14 Thumb SourceableIn addition to enhancing aesthetics and atmosphere of building interiors, large-scale plant installations can raise the energy efficiency of facilities.



Curved Green Roof Tops Seattle Maritime Academy, Protects Water Quality

July15 Thumb GreenfeathersThe 6,700 square foot LiveRoof® Green Roof Features Curved Design, Reflective of its Location; Provides Natural Water Pollution Control.



First Living Wall on UT Campus Completed

July13 Thumb UTUniversity of Texas' Goldsmith Hall hosts the school's first living wall with carefully selected native plants designed to provide numerous sociological benefits.